The Tank Boss AFS (Advanced Float Switch).


Soon to be released in the series is The Tank Boss AFS (Advanced Float Switch). This unit is available with a single float switch (#FS10A) or with 2 float switches (#FS10A-2). Both units can be used for high or low water applications. The FS10A-2 can be used for many scenario including: as an ATO, Turning on or off equipment, overflow or run dry protection and combinations of the above. Not to worry, if you use the FS10A single float unit and decide later you would like a second float, one can be purchased and added on at any time.

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  ~Adjustable Multi-Configuration Float Switch  

 ~Quick Connect Level Sensors
(36" Cabling Standard.  72" Extensions Available)
 ~Bright LED Indicator Lights
 ~Fuse Protected Circuitry
 ~Safe Low Voltage 12 VDC
 ~Made in USA
 ~MSRP $99.99

 The Tank Boss AFS INCLUDES:

~ 'The Tank Boss AFS' Main Unit

 ~ 5 FT Removable Power Cord 

 ~ 2 Reed Float Switches with 36"   cabling

 ~ 2 Suction Cup Float Mounts

 ~ 1 Magnetic Float Mount

 ~ 1 Precision Adjustment Float Bracket


 ~ 72" Cabling Extensions 

 ~ Magnetic Float Mounts

 ~ Precision Adjustment Float Brackets

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