The Tank Boss WCS (Water Change System).


Soon to be released in the series is The Tank Boss WCS (Water Change System). This unit also has a number of great features built in. The Tank Boss WCS is truly a Highly Advanced Automatic Aquarium Water Change System!

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 ~Adjustable Automatic Water Change System
   (WITH Integrated Digital Timer & Triple Redundant Safeties  & Audible Alarm)
 ~Quick Connect Level Sensors
(36" Cabling Standard.  72" Extensions Available)
 ~Bright LED Indicator Lights
 ~Fuse Protected Circuitry
 ~Safe Low Voltage 12 VDC
 ~Made in USA
 ~MSRP $279.99

 The Tank Boss WCS INCLUDES:

 ~ 'The Tank Boss WCS' Main Unit

 ~ 5 FT Removable Power Cord 

 ~ 5 Reed Float Switches with 36"   cabling

 ~ Color Coded Connections

 ~ 5 Suction Cup Float Mounts

 ~ 1 Magnetic Float Mount

 ~ 1 Precision Adjustment Float Bracket


 ~ 72" Cabling Extensions 

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